Get Rid Of Yellow Jacket Nest! in Your Yard

Get Rid Of Yellow Jacket Nest! in Your Yard

Do You Want To Get Rid of Yellowjackets in Your Yard

How to get rid of yellow jackets the safe way? There are a few different ways to get rid of them, but be aware that they will likely attack while in the process. That said, please do not go around the nest if you are allergic. Allow someone else to help you on the task if you have the slightest allergy to them because it could cause you pain or even your life.

The different ways to get them to stop bugging you are to kill them using a chemical spray, gasoline and fire, or even using a trap. The best way to do this would probably be to use the spray or the gasoline. These two methods seem to be more effective than the traps. They seem to have a much faster effect on the pests than the traps. Before reading the following, take your time and get all the information packed into your brain. You don’t need any mistakes when doing this. It should be a smooth task to do if done correctly.

Precautionary Steps to Take on How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets Without Getting Hurt (Stung)

Have you ever found a bee hanging out around the hummingbird feeder? This is because bees usually go after sweets. If not sweets, they go for any type of protein. (Meats) So be aware of this when you decide to eat watermelon outside in the middle of summer. That is just asking for trouble.

* Keep all outside garbage bins sealed tightly so that the yellow jackets aren’t attracted to any sugars, sweets, proteins or other foods in the trash. The more sugar and proteins that the bees can access, the more they will hang around.

* Keep protein foods such as Dog Food or Cat Food indoors. Yellow Jackets like to feed off protein when they don’t have a food source.

* Make sure all siding and awnings on your home are sealed correctly, leaving Yellow Jackets no entrance space. When they have an entrance, they tend to have nests hidden, which are the hardest to get rid of. Be sure to take extra precautions when looking around for these nests. They can be sneaky and slide a stinger in you faster than you can say, OUCH!

* Sweets shouldn’t be left outside. Yellow Jackets are highly attracted to sweets. If you drink soda or tea with sugars in them, be sure not to leave them out if you have ever noticed that when you leave a soda outside and come back to it later, usually there will be some type of bees parading around it.

Methods on How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets Without Many Stings

Remember to always take these steps very seriously and follow them in the order you read them. It might sound crazy to put on long sleeves, but you will be thanking this article in the end for saving you the pain. I’m serious. Try it and see how it works. I’m sure you will enjoy the aftermath!

* Find the nest first; you will need to know where they are coming from to ensure you get rid of them. Most Yellow Jackets nest underground, so small holes in the dirt in a patch are a big sign of them. Also, check the siding on your home, trees and other things like that to ensure there isn’t a nest in a hidden area.

* Next thing is figuring out what is the best way for you to go about how to get rid of yellow jackets. Do you want to use a can of spray, do you want to use gasoline and matches, or even use non-toxic traps that you can buy in the store? Once you figure out the location of the nest then, it’s easier to decide the safest way to go about the task. So keep the area in mind when choosing the method of killing.

* Once steps 1 and 2 are figured out, you should be aware of when the Yellow Jackets are more active. (coming in and out of the nest) You don’t want to get close to a nest that has stirred up Yellow Jackets around it. It’s harder to kill them without a ton of stings if they are stirred up prior to killing them.

* Next, you should put on a good thick layer of long sleeve shirts and long pants. Having on thick protective clothing will help you prevent a large number of stings. Sweat pants and shirts are a good layer of protection. They make it hard for the Yellow Jackets to be able to sting you.

* Remember that getting rid of them in early summer is brighter because it keeps them from building their colony larger and larger.

* Also, if you can wait until a chilly night with temperatures less than 50 degrees, it would be easier to do the task. Yellow Jackets have a hard time flying in temps below 50 F.

Using a spray when figuring out how to get rid of yellow jackets safely can be very useful.

Always make sure that you point the spray hole away from your face and aim it at the nesting site. You wouldn’t want to go blind while trying to kill these horrible pests.

* Be sure to stand back a few feet (approx. 2-3 ft) from the nest before spraying.

* Spray the nest with a full-force spray, and be sure to try and get the whole nest. Don’t hesitate, as hesitating usually ends up with a few stings.

* Spraying extremely fast and then running away would be my tip to you. Don’t run like you’re scared, but more like a brisk walk would be a better term for it.

Tip on How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets the Safe Way

***Be aware. They more than likely will come out and try to attack. If so, walk away at a steady fast pace, but don’t run unless you need to. Running may cause them to attack because of the motion of your speed and the heat and sweat you produce while running during a panic.

Using Gasoline and Matches when deciding how to safely get rid of yellow jackets can also be very useful. Please be sure to follow this one precisely to the instructions that are given. I don’t advise anyone to do this without the proper knowledge of how to go about doing this. It can be a dangerous thing to do. And parents, NEVER let your children take on the responsibility of doing this. Children, never try this, EVER. It’s too dangerous for you to attempt.

* This is one of those things you must be very careful about.

* Have a running water hose nearby when doing this, just in case you see the fire spreading to unwanted territories.

* First, find the nest and ensure there isn’t much bee activity going on, or you are in for a lousy hurting.

* Pour gasoline into the holes that are in the dirt (their nest). Do NOT pour anywhere other than the nest.

* Be sure that there is nothing near the site that is flammable because you wouldn’t want a can of hairspray or anything to explode in your face.

* Also, don’t get gasoline on any part of your body or clothes. If you do, you should immediately wash it off and have someone else light it. Gasoline is a serious thing to deal with. It may seem harmless, but it isn’t. You should take special precautions when pouring it.

* Next, stand back a few feet, approximately 4 to 5 feet, keeping you in the clear of all flames.

* Light a match and immediately throw it at the nesting site, aiming directly at the spot where the gasoline was poured.

* Run away from the fire and allow it to burn but don’t go too far. You will need to put the fire out as soon as you see that it has burned for a few minutes.

* Stay close by when it’s burning and after a few minutes of a good burn, put out the fire with WATER. Do not use anything else to put it out. You may cause a more significant fire to break out, and you don’t need that. Be sure it’s entirely out! No small fires should be left at the site when you walk away.

Using Non-Toxic Traps to answer your question of how to safely get rid of yellow jackets.

These traps are probably the last on the list for a reason. I don’t know much about them, but I have heard that they only work well if set before the bee season begins. But anything is worth a shot if you are willing to try it.

* Go to a store and buy one, or you can even make one at home by simply using honey and apple juice

* Usually, you would use these before the Yellow Jacket season gets out of hand. Typically at the start of summer.

* These are easy to use when trying to get rid of these trouble-making insects. Just sit them out, and they will do the rest of the work for you. They don’t require special instructions, which makes this a straightforward way to go about the process.

Another tip on how to get rid of yellow jackets without stings

* Make sure to do all the steps under the chosen method! It’s easy. Just follow the instructions! You shouldn’t have any problems when attempting to kill these pests. They are dangerous, and you should always be aware of your surroundings when doing this.

Take Note of the following

* Be sure that if you get a few stings, you go inside and immediately take the stingers out.

* A few ways to get stingers out is to mix a little bit of meat tenderizer with water and rub it on the sting, pulling the stinger out. Another way is to use dry tobacco and a tiny bit of water, which will also help pull the stingers out of the infected site. Also, if you want to do it the old fashion way, you can go through the agony of pulling them out one by one, using tweezers to gently pull them out. Whatever you choose to do, be sure they all are out. You don’t want the stingers to stay in the skin, causing you to swell and the site to become infected in any way. That would just lead to more issues than you need at this time.

* Never swat at a bee unless you absolutely have NO possible way of getting away safely. If you swat at them, chances are you will just make them angry, and they will come back to sting you a million times more. Then you will be questioning yourself, why did they sting me this many times? It’s never fun to tick off an angry yellow jacket. I know from experience.

Did you know

Did you know that many bee stings come from people trying to destroy their nests? Well, it’s true. Bees like the saying, “If you don’t mess with me, I don’t mess with you.” That’s why I tell you to do this in the early to late evening, ensuring that they are in the nest and not out stirring around and ready to cause trouble.

Attention All Severely Allergic and Slightly Allergic People

Be aware of the following. Always remember to take extra precautionary steps when attempting these methods of getting rid of yellow jackets. It’s essential that not one person that is allergic to them be outside while you are doing this. It is too big of a risk for someone to take these steps if allergic. Chances are, you could be very slightly allergic and get stung so often that you get into a more severe reaction that could mean hospitalization or even death. Please be aware of these things. I can’t urge you enough.

If you and all of your other family members or friends are allergic in any way, please call an exterminator to get the job done. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

So to make your life a little bit easier, try one of these methods and hopefully, you will come out on top! It never hurts to try something, especially if you are in danger and could quickly get rid of that danger. To get the full effects of these methods, you MUST read through them carefully and do them step by step in ORDER. After all, you wouldn’t want to light the match and then pour the gasoline onto it. That would cause you to be burned horribly and end up in the hospital with a massive list of bills and a long recovery from the burns.

The answer to how to get rid of yellow jackets isn’t always easy, but in the end, it’s always less painful to you because after they are gone, you are left with no more worries. 

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