Useful Tips to Get Rid of Sugar Cravings

Addiction: A Blackhole for Healthy Life

Every person in this world has some kind of addiction. If someone tells you that they are not addicted to something do not believe a word they say. Being addicted to something may seem amazing in the short term, but in the long term it will destroy you. Having addiction is like a blackhole in which your health will disappear and will never come back. The reason being is that, getting over your addiction is quite difficult and when it comes to sweets people have only one question how to get rid of sugar cravings ? it could be quite terrible.

Every person has some kind of addiction. Some are addicted to alcohol, some people are addicted to drugs. Some are addicted to junk food, while for some people addiction is chocolates. Some people are even addicted to beverages while some have hardcore addiction for spicy food.

Just like all of the above given addictions, addictions towards sugar is also quite real. Many people consume so much sugar in a day that they are literally keeping their health on the line of fire. Sugar is such an integral part of our food habits that without sugar we cannot imagine our life. But with the passing time, the negative impact of sugar is coming into light. It’s not like earlier people didn’t know about the side effects of sugar, but with the passing time, the consequences have been drastic and the dynamics have changed. 

Useful Tips to Get Rid of Sugar Cravings

Sugar Cravings: An Introduction

Those people who crave a lot of sugar on a daily basis, consume an exorbitant amount of sugar every day. According to a study, an average person who is addicted to sugar consumes 25-30 teaspoons of sugar each day. The standard limit for daily consumption of sugar is 5-10 tea spoons. Such a huge disparity between the standard limit and the consumption average is a concerning alarm.

Why is excessive sugar consumption risky?

Sugar cravings are harmful for your health. The medical world has been warning us against the possible consequences of sugar for many years now. There are a number of items which contribute to the increased consumption of sugar. Excessive sugar consumption is risky because of many reasons:

Diabetes: Excessive sugar consumption has increased the number of cases of diabetes. More people today are suffering from diabetes. Not only adults, but diabetes cases among children are also increasing exponentially. 

Obesity: Those people who are addicted to sugar, drink carbonated drinks on a regular basis. These drinks have a huge amount of sugar in them. Because of the huge consumption of such drinks the obesity levels have increased among many People. 

Other than these excessive sugar consumption also affects your health, causes several chronic diseases, chronic fatigue and increases the chances of heart attack.

How to get rid of sugar cravings? 

People often wonder and search for the ways to keep a check on their sugar craving habits. Those people who realise the downside of sugar consumption try various methods to get rid of sugar craving. Following are some of the methods to get rid of sugar craving habits:

  • Control your sugar consumption:

Controlling your daily sugar consumption is the first step towards getting rid of the habit. Take baby steps in the beginning and then gradually decrease your consumption. Do not consume sugar whenever you feel like. Control the consumption of those food items which are made up of sugar.

  • Keep check on your sugar consumption:

Track how much sugar you are consuming daily. By doing this you will know how much you are eating and how much you have to still reduce for a healthy life.

  • Say No to Carbonated Drinks:

Carbonated Drinks have excessive sugar in it. So avoiding them as much as possible will reduce your sugar craving. In the beginning you may crave them more, but gradually it will be a part of your habit.

  • Eat Spicy Food:

For every villain there is a hero. In this case spicy food will be the story. Try to eat more spicy food. Eat that much only which suits you. Eating spicy food will activate your taste buds and you may get over your sugar craving habits.

  • Exercise a lot:

If you are eating a lot of sugar, you must exercise a lot to keep the balance in the body. Exercising regularly will also distract you from your sugar cravings, and it will reduce obesity, heart attack chances.

  • Eat Fruits:

Fruits have sugar naturally. So if you are craving sugar so much you can always have a slice of apple or a banana. Fruits are healthy for your body and it will also improve your immune system.

  • Don’t Quit:

Getting over sugar craving is not an easy road to travel on, but you have to keep trying. Set small goals and objectives and try to do your best to achieve them. If you are following a healthy diet, and if you are completely in control of your sugar craving you can  even have a cheat day once in a month to enjoy your favourite sugary items. 

The Takeaway:

It is never easy to leave those habits and addictions behind which you have developed over the years. But keeping yourself healthy is also necessary. If you want a healthy life you have to take necessary steps such as getting over your sugar cravings. 

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  1. Asking questions are genuinely nice thing if you are not understanding something totally, except this post gives pleasant understanding even. As you know sugar carving triger when some say don’t eat and then we get carving and nowdays people want to get rif of sugar carving but it is not easy as it looks.

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