How to Get Rid of Mothball Smell

How to Get Rid of Mothball Smell

How to Get Rid of Foul Odours

Foul odours and always smells present a problem for people. Bad smells are almost impossible to ignore, whether from another person, an animal or an unknown source around your home. One such smell that many people have trouble with is the mothball smell. Mothballs are commonly used to keep moths from chewing on clothes, especially ones that may be stored deep in a closet or attic. Since the use of mothballs themselves is so common, so is the problem with the smell of mothballs. In the guide below, we’ll teach you some ways to get rid of that nasty mothball smell for good!

How to Get Rid of Mothball Smell

Preparing for Cleaning

Before you get into the cleaning aspect, you need to know a little something about mothballs. The way they keep moths away is by releasing a gas – a gas that doesn’t smell all that great. Therefore, conventional cleaning methods like soap and water won’t do much to disperse the gas. I just wanted to share that little lesson with you before you get on your hands and knees and start scrubbing away! Now, onto actually getting rid of the smell…

Proper Ventilation

Because the foul smell of mothballs comes from gas, fresh air and proper ventilation are potent forces in the fight to get rid of the smell. The better the air circulation and ventilation in the affected area, the quicker the mothball smell will disperse and eventually completely disappear. If the odour affects one room or so, you need to make a solid effort to keep the windows open and get an area fan in there. Depending on the weather, this may be uncomfortable sometimes, but it’s indispensable to eliminate the smell.

Dry Heat

A dry heat source is also effective in getting rid of the mothball smell. This means cranking up the heat! You’ll need to bear with some warmer temperatures throughout your whole house if everything smells; if it’s just one room, you can get away with a space heater. And, if the mothball smell is concentrated on a piece of furniture, you can point the dry heat source directly at it to help speed things along.

Getting Rid of Mothball Smell on Clothes

If you stored away from your winter clothes with a load of mothballs and have pulled them out only to find them reeking of that awful mothball smell, here are some tips. Pour a healthy amount of baby powder on the affected clothes and proceed to dry them off with either a hair dryer or by letting them dry naturally on a clothesline outdoors. After they’ve sufficiently dried, shake out the excess powder and put them in the dryer for about 10 minutes with a few sheets of fabric softener. If they still smell, rerun the whole process, and you should be all set.

Alternatives to Mothballs

You can easily avoid the problem of mothball smell altogether by not using them at all! There are plenty of alternatives to mothballs that work just as well or better when it comes time to store your clothes. The first way is the most natural: keep your clothes in a cool and dry place – like a closet or a spare room. Please ensure the area is clean before storing the clothes; when it comes time to take them out, they should be in great shape.

Another alternative to mothballs is to use vacuum-sealed bags. You can buy these at any home or department store relatively low cost. You place your clothes in the bag and then suck the air with a vacuum cleaner. Without air, there is very little chance of bugs getting inside and wreaking havoc on your clothes.

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