How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers That Are Pecking at Your Home

How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers That Are Pecking at Your Home

People living in wooden houses want to know how to get rid of woodpecker birds. There are many types of these birds all over the world. Most birds look attractive and cute due to their glorious colours. But every person becomes angry when making noise while drilling the house or a tree. When they are preparing the house, this is a more painful thing that compels the people to do something against them to save their homes. The holes in the wood sidings look very ugly, and cold winds of the winter can enter the house quickly through these holes. When people find these holes they want to know early how to get rid of woodpeckers birds.

These birds eat the insects like carpenter bees and termites, and these birds can be found in wood only. In search of these insects, these birds drill the wood though there is a house or a tree. The foremost thing is to save your wood from these insects, which will be protected by woodpeckers automatically.

Woodpeckers drilling holes in trees, walls and roofing are just a few of the reasons to get rid of woodpeckers. This article discusses several solutions one might evaluate when faced with unwanted birds.

However, before you blow your top and decide to eliminate these critters you need to be aware of the Migratory Bird Act of 1918 (in case you did not know, Woodpeckers are migratory birds).

Some of these Woodpeckers are very common while others are on the endangered species list, so you will want to ensure you know what you are dealing with before taking action to get rid of woodpeckers.

How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers Birds by Pesticides:

As the birds drill the woods to find the insects in the wood which are also harmful to wood. These birds eat them but make holes in the wood, which is also not acceptable for humans. The recommendation of using pesticides is more valuable than any other measure. Pesticides can also be used to directly ward off the birds. Those people who are more active take the proper actions timely. A little delay in this situation can create significant difficulties later. Whenever you feel that the bird is damaging your wood siding, you should attack insects.

Some Prevention Tips for How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers:

First, we should use proper measures to prevent these birds before their attack. In the prevention steps before their attacks, the foremost thing is to control the insects by different standards because the woodpeckers drill the wood in search of food; and carpenter bees or their insects of the wood are the favourite feed for woodpeckers. 

  • You can spray your sidings from inside and outside; if there is any hole, you should seal it. Usually, the woodpecker attack in a particular season. You should be ready in this season to avoid the woodpeckers’ attacks. 
  • In autumn, when the trees fall their leaves, the woodpeckers come to houses searching for food. They will soon migrate to another place if you don’t allow them to live in your home.
  • Another thing that should be considered is water sources like gutters or other standing water places inside the home. The gutters should be cleaned, and additional standing water should be removed because insects in this water invite the woodpeckers to live. The existing holes should also be covered before the season of leaves falling.
  • Scare the woodpeckers away with a toy cap pistol
  • Employ a squirt gun or water hose to spray the woodpeckers with h2o
  • Place strips of reflective tape or aluminium along the gutters
  • Frighten the woodpeckers by simply dangling a multi-coloured wind sock, ‘scare eye’ balloon or aluminium pie plates near the location these guys are drilling
  • Buy a fake plastic owl or hawk and position it near the vicinity of the drilling.
  • Suspend plastic-type material, metal or nylon mesh sheets around the drilling place
  • Nail or staple metallic or plastic-type sheeting over the drilling area
  • Staple or nail chicken wire or fine wire mesh over damaged locations

Most damage caused by woodpeckers is usually too widespread to fix using simply a patch. A good number of times, homeowners ignore mending woodpeckers’ destruction, yet another animal might take up residence in openings drilled by the woodpecker. Upgrading the ruined parts is the best approach to avoid wood rot, deterioration and infestation. It is crucial to be aware that there are more than two hundred varieties of woodpeckers in North America, and everyone is safeguarded by federal regulation. Shooting or hurting them is not allowed, and trapping is discouraged and hardly ever productive. Trying to outsmart your woodpecker often means you are the butt of the joke. 

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