How to Get Rid of Fret Buzz Problem Quickly!

How to Get Rid of Fret Buzz Problem Quickly!

Best Ways to Get Rid of Fret Buzz

How to Get Rid of Fret Buzz Problem Quickly!

What is Fret Buzz

Get Rid of Fret Buzz: When you play a guitar and the strings produce a buzz sound as they rattle into fret wire, that is known as fret buzz. Fret buzz is that annoying sound which bothers almost every guitarist in their life at least once. Fret buzz not only makes the life of a guitarist difficult but it also messes up the guitar quality. Thus, every guitarist prays that they don’t have to encounter fret buzz. When a guitarist encounters the situation of fret buzz, they try to look for the causes of fret buzz and the possible ways of How to Get Rid of Fret Buzz quickly.

Causes of Fret Buzz:

There are several possible factors which can cause fret buzz in guitars. The most common causes of fret buzz are, humidity changes, uneven frets, bridge/nut action, twisted neck, rising tongue and string tension. 

Ways to resolve the Fret Buzz Problem:

As mentioned above, there are several causes behind fret buzz. Each problem is resolved by a specific solution. Thus, it is necessary to know what exactly is causing the fret buzz problem so that you can use the right method to solve the problem. Following are some of the solutions for get rid of fret buzz problem guitarists faces:

  • Improve your Technique:

Many times when a guitarist encounters the fret buzz problem, they assume that it is because of some issue in guitar. But the majority of the time such problems arise because of the guitar playing technique of the owner. The cause can be fretting too far behind the intended fret. Thus, ensure that you are playing the correct fret with the correct string.

  • Clean your Guitar:

Many times grunge gets accumulated around the string area. This grunge causes the fret buzz. Today various guitar cleaning products and tools are available in the market to clean this grunge and to resolve the fret buzz problem. Clean your strings on a regular basis to avoid any future issues.

  • Nut Problems:

If the fret buzz is happening because of the worn out nut, then it won’t be a big problem for you. You just need to replace the worn out nail with the new one and there you go. With passing time, nuts face some issues due to changes in environment and thus it is necessary to take proper maintenance of nuts from time to time. 

  • Action is set too low:

If the action of your guitar is set too low then it will cause the strings to buzz against the fretboard causing the fret buzz. Thus, before playing your guitar do check how the action is set. If it is too low, you can rectify it by adjusting the saddle height. This process might require some patience as it is a delicate process. If you are unable to do it or you are not feeling confident then you can contact a professional guitar repairman to help you out. 

  • Uneven Frets: 

There are around 20 frets on the most typical guitars. If any one out of this 20 frets is set uneven then it will cause the problem of fret buzz. With uneven here it means that one fret is placed high while the other is set low. This causes imbalance and thus annoying buzz noise is produced. Thus, look after every fret on the guitar and whether they are evenly placed or not.


Imagine this, you are playing in one of the first concerts of life which has been your dream since childhood. Everyone who knows you is present in the audience and other them many more people have come to see you perform for the first time on the big stage. You are ready and all confident and then you walk on the stage and play your first note and there you go. Fret buzz ruins the biggest night of your life. Fret buzz seems like a small problem(it is a small problem), but if it isn’t addressed timely then in no time it will turn into a big one. This is the reason that musicians before going on the stage check all these things in a guitar. So, if you found any such problem try to solve it as soon as possible. If you are unable to do so then, you can contact the place from where you have purchased the guitar or any other professional expert on guitar. 

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