Clear Cache & Cookies of Computer Get Rid of Cookies

Clear Cache & Cookies of Computer Get Rid of Cookies

When somebody mentions cookies and how to get rid of them, your first thought might be to eat them, perhaps get some milk and dunk them in before you eat them. However, the cookies mentioned above aren’t edible types. They are the computer type. Cookies are small segments of information sent back and forth from your computer and a website. These data contain your personal preferences as it relates to the website and keeps a log of your website visits.

How to Get Rid of Cookies

Now, considering that Internet security is a high priority for most people, many people don’t like these cookies and are actively searching for the proper methods of getting rid of cookies. These cookies can potentially compromise your identity if they are intercepted. Since the flow of information in these cookies, from a website to your computer, is continually moving back and forth, it’s a safe assumption that at some point, these cookies could very well be intercepted, and the information that they contain could be used to do you and your identity a great deal of harm.

As it relates to learning how to get rid of cookies, it is straightforward. All you need to do is go to your web browser, open the Tools menu and select the privacy settings. Some browsers, such as Internet Explorer, will ask you if you want to delete cookies. Other browsers simply ask if you want to delete private data. Once you’ve clicked okay, the cookies are cleared from your hard drive.

It is also important to remember that you can go further than just removing cookies. With most browsers, you can set your preference to disable them automatically. This disallows cookies to flow back and forth from your computer to a website. However, once you disable this setting and your computer refuses to receive cookies, websites that still use cookies will likely be only accessible to you with your browser off of that setting. The good news is that not all websites use cookies.
The bottom line is you want to know how to get rid of cookies, it’s not difficult, and if you’re concerned about the security of your identity, then it would be a wise decision to make. By clearing and then refusing these parcels of information, you can have a higher level of security for your identity when you’re online.

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