How to Get Rid of Ants in the Bathroom!

How to Get Rid of Ants in the Bathroom!

Get Rid of Ants: An Omnipresent Creature

It is next to impossible that in your whole lifetime, you have not encountered ants once. It doesn’t matter in which country, the region you live, or what is the weather pattern in your area or climate, ants will be there. There are thousands of species of ants around the world. Though the majority of them are found in the wild, and only a handful of them are seen around us. Ants are found everywhere from the kitchen to wall cracks, from the front yard to the bedroom, office to public restrooms. They are everywhere. But of all these places where their presence bothers almost everyone and even irritates is the bathroom. Thus the moment you discover that you have ants in your bathroom, the quest for finding ways on how to get rid of ants in the bathroom begins.

But before knowing about such methods, let’s first discuss some common species of ants that are found near human settlements, and what are the reasons which attract them to your home. 

How to Get Rid of Ants in the Bathroom!

Common Species of Ants:

Black ant, odorous ant, carpenter ant, sugar ant, and pharaoh ant are some of the most common types of ant found in an average home. All of these types of ants can be found in your bathroom too. The main reason why they are roaming in your bathroom is food, shelter, or moisture. Other types of ant can also be found in your house, but the chances of the same are quite low. Thus if ants infest your house in most of the cases, they would be from the above-given species.

Why are ants attracted to houses/bathrooms?

You are walking in your home or making coffee in your kitchen, and you notice a tiny black line on the edge of the kitchen wall. From close observation, you know that it was not some stain but ants infestation. Similarly, you are going into your bathroom, and something stings your paws. When you notice it, you find an ant stinging you. 

The reason why ants are attracted to your house or bathroom is many. The most common reasons are food, shelter, moisture odor. The reason why you find ants in the bathroom is because of the excess moisture present in the bathroom. Other reasons include the presence of stagnated hair strands on drains and the odor of the bathroom.

Ways to eliminate ants from the bathroom:

There are several ways through which you can eliminate ants from your bathroom. If you find an ant infestation in your bathroom, then it is time that you jump into action and follow some proactive methods to tackle the problem of ant infestation. Following are some of the ways to get rid of ants from the bathroom:

  • Replace Cracked Tiles: If the tiles in your bathroom have cracks in them, then there is a high chance that ants will use those cracks to invade your bathroom and settle their nests. Thus, the moment you find such cracks, immediately fill them or replace them with new tiles. 
  • Use essential oils: Using essential oils is a natural way of getting rid of ants. It is not harmful to you or to ants. You can use essential oil such as tea tree oil or peppermint oil. Add such oil to water and spray it on the infested area. In a matter of time, ants will start leaving your bathroom as they do not like the smell of such oils.
  • Identify the reason for attraction: The moment you spot an ant in your bathroom, the first thing that should come into your mind should be what could be the reason behind the attraction of ants. Identifying the attraction will eliminate half of your problem. The attraction could be water, food, or moisture. Repair any leaks or drips in the bathroom so that their water supply gets cut. Clean your bathroom regularly that will eliminate any possible food source for the ant. Drain out the water from possible places so that condensation should be eliminated.
  • Use Ant Baits: When you are unable to locate the location of an ant’s colony, you can use this method to find the nest. What you have to do is place a couple of food items as bait in various places in the bathroom where you think ants will come. Wait for a while to see if the ants are falling for the bait or not. If they fall for the bait, follow the trail, and you will find the ant colony. Eliminate the colony with the help of nontoxic insecticides or spray.
  • Seal all the possible entry points: Ants are so small that they can enter from almost anywhere. Cover all such entry points, which could be possible entry points for ants or other insects in the future. 


As compared to other insects, ants are not harmful that much. You can easily solve your ant’s infestation problem by using the above-given methods. You can also contact pest control to help you out if the degree of ants infestation is severe. Try to take all the necessary precautions to avoid any future ant infestation cases.

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