How to Get Rid of Air Bubbles From Your Phone

How to Get Rid of Air Bubbles From Your Phone

How to Get Rid of Air Bubbles

How to Get Rid of Air Bubbles: In today’s modern time, almost everyone uses advanced high-tech gadgets such as smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, digital cameras, smart televisions, and other products. These products are quite expensive. Thus any mishandling of such products may turn out expensive for you. Because of this reason, these devices should be handled with the utmost care and precision. But even taking so many precautions, one common problem is faced by many people, especially smartphone users. That is air bubbles below the screen protector on their phones.

How To Remove Air Bubbles From Your Screen Protector

How Air Bubbles are trapped below Screen Protector:

Almost everyone owns a smartphone today. It doesn’t matter which brand of smartphone you are using, you might use a screen protector to keep the screen of your phone safe. But when this screen protector is not appropriately placed on the phone or the phone’s surface is uneven. Air bubbles don’t pose any threat to your device, but it looks weird while using the phone. After a certain time, you will feel irritated. Thus it is necessary to remove those air bubbles from the phone.

How to remove air bubbles:

You cannot get rid of air bubbles by applying pressure from above the screen protector. To remove the air bubbles, you have to remove the screen protector to remove it completely. Following are some of the steps through which you can remove the air bubbles from your phone:

Step 1: Remove the screen protector

The first step in eliminating the air bubbles is to remove the screen protector from the phone. While removing the screen protector, do keep this in mind that it is fragile in nature, hence remove it gently.

One can use any sharp object or tool to remove the screen protector from one of the corners and then gently lift it from the whole screen. If you are using any sharp object, such as a blade, then do not hold it vertically. Pick it horizontally so that it doesn’t damage your screen. Once the corner tip of the screen protector is uplifted, then you can lift it completely.

Step 2: Clean the Screen

Once you have removed the screen protector, take a piece of cloth and clean your phone screen. Dust particles get stuck with your phone screen, hence dust them off by using a cloth. Use cleaning liquid available in the market to clean the phone screens. Use a couple of drops of the liquid and rub it on the whole screen gently. Do not use harmful liquids, which can damage the phone screen. 

Step 3: Use Scotch Tape

Once you have cleaned your phone screen, you can use a scotch tape to remove any unevenness from the screen and to remove any tiny dust particles. Scotch tape is used to make sure that the phone screen is spotless and dust-free. Move the scotch tape on all the areas of the screen. While using scotch tape, do keep this in mind that you do not leave a fingerprint stain on your screen, otherwise, you have to clean it again. 

Step 4: Place the Screen Protector

After cleaning your screen, you can either reapply the screen protector you removed in the first step if that’s possible. If that screen protector has lost its adhesive property, then you can use a new screen protector. Place the screen protector properly on your screen. Do not try to place it from all the sides at once. Instead, place it from one side and then gently place it from all sides on the phone. 

Step 5: Rub the screen protector properly

Once you have placed the screen protector on the screen, use your fingers or a card to gently stick the protector to the screen from all sides. Start applying pressure from one side and keep going until it sticks completely with the screen from all the sides. If you have done this process correctly, then you won’t find any air bubbles. 


By following these steps carefully and precisely, you can change, replace your screen protectors easily. So, the next time while you are playing your favorite game on your game and you spot some air bubbles, do not take the stress. Just follow these steps, and there you go. Your phone will look good as new.

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