How to Get Rid of Ground Bees

Effective Ways to Get Rid of Ground Bees Naturally

How to Get Rid of Ground Bees Natural & Easy Ways

What are Ground Bees?

Whenever someone hears the term bees, they mostly think about the swamps of bees and beehives, etc. But to your surprise, almost 70% of bees are ground bees. Ground bees are those bees that burrow in the ground to nest. They do not live in colonies like honey bees, instead, they live in solitary. Bumblebee is one such exception to this as they live in colonies. Other than them, almost every other type of ground bee lives in solitary. Cellophane bees, Digger bees, Mining Bees, and Sweat bees are some of the most common kinds of ground bees.

The ecological of ground bees is universally acceptable. And they also help in pollination. They do not pose any serious threats to humanity, and until they are not bothered, they are peaceful creatures. Bumblebees are known for their aggressive nature, other than them; hardly any ground bee poses a problem.

Why Killing Bees is not Beneficial:

Many people, when they find burrows of bees in their backyard, they often try to kill bees by using some sort of chemical or pesticide. But you have to understand that this sort of plan could backfire you. Killing bees will neither help you nor it will help the environment.

Bees have ecological importance. They are the keepers of nature. Ground bees are pollinators. Also, they eat those tiny insects from the ground, improving the fertility of the soil. Thus, killing bees is not a good option. 

Getting Rid of Bees: An Alternative Concept

Instead of killing bees, which is not beneficial to you and nature, you should try to eliminate the bees. The difference between the two concepts is that in getting rid of ground bees, you do not kill them, instead, you just eliminate their nests or make it extremely difficult for them to build nests. Ground bees make their nests on dry, solid soil. So if you want to get rid of ground bees, there are a number of ways to do so.


Ways to get rid of ground bees:

There are numerous ways through which you can get rid of ground bees. Follow all the necessary protocols or take necessary precautions before trying any method. Also, aim for disrupting their nest, not killing them. Following are some of the ways through which you can get rid of ground bees:

  • Use a sprinkler:

Using a sprinkler to get rid of ground bees may sound silly, but it is very effective. It is neither risky for you, nor will it kill the bees. When you use the sprinkler, the soil will get wet, and ground bees only make nests in dry soil, thus they will come near that. If they have already established their nests, then after the sprinkler impact, they will leave that place effective immediately.

  • Call a beekeeper:

Calling a beekeeper is the best way to get rid of ground bees. Beekeepers are professionals who have expertise in trapping them, controlling them, and safekeeping them. Many people will underestimate the importance of the beekeeper. Just like when you are sick, you consult a doctor, ask for help from a professional beekeeper if you need help with ground bees.

  • Planting Bee Repelling Plants:

Bee repelling plants are such plants that stop the bee even from entering the backyard. Bees are afraid of certain plants, and they do not establish their dwellings around such plants. Eucalyptus, Mint, Neem, and Citronella are some of the bee repelling plants.  

  • Vinegar Spray:

This method kills the bees. So if you are not in support of killing bees, do not use this method. In this method, vinegar and water are mixed in equal proportion in a bottle, mix them properly and spray it around the bee hole and near those places where the most bees are found. 

  • Cover the ground holes:

Covering the nesting holes of the bees is an excellent way to get rid of ground bees without killing them. Try this method when the bees are not in their nests, otherwise, they will retaliate. Cover all the holes they have created and fill them appropriately so that bees do not find any way to get under it. Once they realize that all the entrances are close, they will disappear.

  • Natural Sprays:

Several natural sprays are available in the market, which will drive the bees away from your house once sprayed near their nests. These sprays are made of some components whose smell irritates the bees, making them go away. Cinnamon sprays are quite popular as ground bees don’t like the smell of cinnamon. 


All the necessary precautions should be taken before getting rid of bees. As we have mentioned before that killing bee is not a beneficial option, hence using only those methods which do not kill them. The goal should be driving them away as far as possible rather than hurting them.  

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