How to Get Rid of Dog Breath

How to Get Rid of Dog Breath

How to Get Rid of Dog Breath

“Dog breath” was a common term for lousy breath growing up. We always had dogs and their breath always stunk! Whenever one of the kids had bad breath, one of my parents would jokingly refer to it as “dog breath”. Why do dogs have such horrible breath? Well, they’re incapable of brushing their teeth – reason alone to cause bad breath. If you have a dog that has bad breath, try out one or more of the following remedies to get rid of it:

How to Get Rid of Dog Breath

Brush your Dog’s Teeth

Depending on your breed of dog and their patience, brushing your dog’s teeth can either be a simple task or one that will take a long, long time. Some dogs will sit peacefully while you brush their teeth, while others will go crazy whenever you put the brush near their mouth.

Purchase a specially made dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste to get started. Sit your dog down and begin slowly to get used to the feeling. Ideally, the dog will like the taste of the toothpaste, and the brushing will feel good to them. It would help if you did this in the bathroom or outside because it can get messy. Brush their teeth like you would brush your own, paying particular attention to the gums and as much of the tongue as you can.

Dog Mints, Mouthwash and Plaque Spray

Aside from dog toothpaste, it would be best if you were taking advantage of dog mints, mouthwash and plaque spray. All these items combined can help reduce the buildup of bacteria, plaque and tartar that contribute to bad dog breath. On top of that, you’ll also be doing wonders for your dog’s dental hygiene.

Avoid Non-food Items

Please pay close attention to your dog’s habits when outside and don’t think you’re watching. Are they eating dirt? Plants? Bugs? Any of these things can cause bad breath. Bad breath can originate in the stomach, and some foreign items can cause digestive issues, sending bad smells through your dog’s digestive tract and out of their mouth. Break their bad habits by preventing them from eating anything besides the food you give them.

Your Dog’s Health

Gastrointestinal diseases and bacteria can be the root cause of your dog’s bad breath. If they’re having problems in their stomach or other parts of their digestive tract, bad breath can be one of the resulting symptoms. If your dog is vomiting or having bouts of diarrhea, it may be time to head to the vet and check them out.

Medical Treatments from the Vet

If you’ve stuck with the home remedies listed above and your dog still has bad breath, you should seek a professional opinion. Schedule an appointment with a veterinarian to find out the cause of your dog’s bad breath. They’ll be able to offer you a more professional opinion and give you different treatment options that may include prescription medications for your dog.

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